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24/7 Communication

Offering ongoing support to students throughout their study abroad experience, including emergency assistance if needed.


Having a team of experienced advisors who have in-depth knowledge of the study abroad process and can provide accurate and up-to-date information to students.

Global Network

Having a wide network of universities and colleges, which helps you to offer students a variety of options.

Course Selection Guidance

At ACC Abroad, We provide expert guidance and personalized support to help students choose the study abroad program that best meets their individual needs and goals. Our team of experienced study abroad consultants has a deep understanding of the available programs and the application process, and will work with each student to determine their priorities, interests, and budget. Whether it's a summer program, semester-long exchange, or full degree program, our goal is to help students find a study abroad opportunity. With our program selection service, students can have peace of mind knowing that they are making an informed and confident decision about their study abroad experience.

Application Assistance

At ACC Abroad, our application assistance service provides a stress-free and seamless process for students looking to study abroad. We make it as simple and straightforward as possible. Our application assistance services include document preparation, reviewing and editing of application materials, and direct communication with program providers. With ACC Abroad, students can have confidence that their study abroad application is in good hands and will be completed accurately and efficiently.

Scholarship Assistance

Our scholarship assistance service helps students access funding opportunities to make their study abroad dreams a reality. From government-funded programs to private foundation scholarships, we have a wealth of knowledge and resources to support students in finding the funding they need. Our scholarship assistance services include personalized guidance on the application process, review and editing of scholarship materials, and assistance in securing letters of recommendation. With ACC Abroad, students can take advantage of the many scholarship opportunities available, making their study abroad experience more affordable and accessible.

Visa Processing

Our visa processing service simplifies the often complex and confusing process of obtaining a visa to study abroad. Our team of experienced professionals will provide guidance and support throughout the entire visa application process, from preparation of required documents to submission and follow-up. We understand the importance of a timely and accurate visa application, and our goal is to ensure that students receive their visa in a timely and stress-free manner. Our visa processing services include personalized guidance on visa requirements, document preparation, and direct communication with consulates and embassies. With ACC Abroad, students can have peace of mind knowing that their visa application is in good hands and that they will have the necessary documentation to embark on their study abroad journey.

Pre Departure Orientation

At ACC Abroad, our pre-departure orientation service provides comprehensive support and preparation for students heading abroad. Our team of experts will help students understand what to expect in their host country, from culture shock to practical matters such as banking and housing. This orientation will cover important topics such as safety and health, cultural differences, and practical tips for making the most of the study abroad experience. Our pre-departure orientation services include personalized guidance and resources, as well as opportunities for students to connect with others who will be studying abroad. With ACC Abroad, students can feel confident and well-prepared for their study abroad experience, knowing that they have the support and resources they need to make the most of their time abroad.

Career Guidance

Our career guidance service helps students maximize the benefits of their study abroad experience for their future careers. Our team of professionals will work with students to understand their career goals and how studying abroad can support their long-term aspirations. We will help students make connections between their study abroad experience and their future career paths, and provide guidance on how to articulate these connections to potential employers. Our career guidance services include personalized coaching, resume and cover letter review, and mock interview preparation. With ACC Abroad, students can have confidence that their study abroad experience will not only be a valuable personal experience, but also a valuable addition to their future careers.

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We provide comprehensive support and guidance to students looking to study overseas, from finding the perfect program to securing scholarships and visas.

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